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In the Greece, especially in towns, bread is regarded as something special regarding God

In the Greece, especially in <a href="">kod promocyjny latinomeetup</a> towns, bread is regarded as something special regarding God

Into the October 28, the new Greeks commemorate the afternoon whenever Metaxas (an effective Greek General, designated Finest Minister off Greece between April-August 1936 and you will dictator into the fourth out-of August Techniques, off 1936 up to their death within the 1941), said no towards the Italians exactly who desired to entertain the world. This is the celebration of your heroic OXI (NO) of numerous Greeks lay a Greek banner on their window while marches having pupils using a blue and you may white consistent and you may holding Greek flags try prepared by the colleges.

In addition to being deeply religious, Greeks are particularly superstitious some one and you may rely on the brand new supernatural otherwise the newest paranormal, but superstitions range from part in order to region.

Garlic is yet another way to guard against the worst eye, and people will hang it inside their property

Due to this ladies bless this new dough to make the brand new indication of get across that have a knife just before slicing it.

Specific Greeks accept that some body is also connect the newest worst vision, otherwise “matiasma”, out of jealous or envious some one. Men and women, with caught the latest evil eye, always end up being crappy directly and psychologically. To prevent the latest matiasma one must wear a charm: a small blue marble mug with an eye fixed painted with it otherwise a blue wristband. Bluish is believed is the color that covers against the evil attention however it is together with considered that people who have blue attention deliver matiasma.

Therefore it set it down on the fresh new desk and allow the other person take it

Orthodox priests is actually revered as well as in villages the latest personalized will be to hug its hand-in admiration when meeting him or her. But it is thought that enjoying a black pet and you can a great priest during the same big date are misfortune.

Particular Greeks believe that spitting chases the brand new devil aside. For this reason when someone discusses bad news (fatalities, injuries, etc…) or comments babies, college students plus grownups, the rest quite saliva 3 x claiming “ftou, ftou, ftou”.

In lieu of the latest West trust, when you look at the Greece the brand new unfortunate time try Saturday brand new 13th rather than Tuesday the fresh 13th. Tuesday is considered to be the unluckiest day of this new few days while the on Tuesday, Can get 29th, 1453 the town out-of Constantinople was besieged and you will pulled by Ottoman Turks. Greeks contemplate the amount 13 to be best wishes and part of the concept ‘s the religion you to that have 12 apostles out-of Christ made Christ the 13th of the group. Although not, the combination from Saturday and you will thirteen as Monday the 13th away from the fresh week is recognized as a very unfortunate time during the Greek culture.

Greeks accept that stating the same thing at the same time is an enthusiastic omen as well as the two people gets to the a challenge otherwise a disagreement. For this reason, when people say the exact same thing along with her they have to instantly go after from the informing each other “piase kokkino” and both have to touch people red-colored goods they’re able to select around them.

The expression audio itself arises from the newest Greek word musiki, definition all arts of the 9 Muses. Greek sounds runs far-back for the Ancient times in which it starred an important role on education program and you may males was basically instructed songs from the period of half dozen. Songs when you look at the Ancient Greece incorporated mixed-gender choruses doing to have amusement, occasion and you can spiritual explanations, and tool such as the twice-reed aulos, brand new plucked string means, the latest lyre, particularly the unique type entitled a great kithara.

Songs are after dependent on the Roman Kingdom and also the Byzantine Empire. Once the the latest approach to polyphony is actually developing about Western, the new Eastern Orthodox Chapel resisted any sort of alter and you may Byzantine sounds remained monophonic and you may without having any sort of important musical accompaniment, but in once this permitted new monophonic Byzantine chant growing for the finest heights from perfection.

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